Our LED lighting exhibits are for temporary installation at event sites.

They are supplied complete with a dedicated controller and interconnect cabling, allowing easy setup and operation.

Our exhibits are a green alternative to traditional lighting exhibits. Our LED lights are more power efficient than incandescent bulbs, and do not produce the chemical or noise pollution of fireworks. Our wireframe and plastic templates can be re-used across many installations, and single pixel failures can be easily repaired. In the event an exhibit becomes damaged beyond repair, the pixels can be repurposed to new exhibits, and the plastic and wireframe templates can be fully recycled.

Take a Tour of our Exhibits

We have a wide range of exibits we have developed over many years, the collection below highlights our new and popular exhibits. For details of our full range or if you are looking for a unique exhibit you can't find anywhere else, please contact us.

ShowLights Marquee Letters with 'SHOWLIGHTS 2020' message

Marquee Letters

The ShowLights™ letters stand around a metre tall, and are animated with a range of lighting effects that span the entire exhibit.

Our Marquee Letters can be configured with up to 32 characters per controller in any combination.

We have standard messages including "WELCOME", "MERRY CHRISTMAS", "HAPPY NEW YEAR", "MR & MRS", and can readily configure the exhibit for any other message.

ShowLights Nutcracker Characters


The ShowLights™ Nutcrackers ar available as either a guard or a drummer.

The Nutcracker characters stand around 1.8 metres tall. The Nutcrackers are an ideal accompaniment for other exhibits, such as "WELCOME" Marquee Letters.

Lighting The Way

We have a variety of exhibits to light the way and find directions, including our Matrix Arrow, Mini Arches, Candy Canes, and Victorian Street Lamps.

ShowLights Matrix Arrow displaying 'GO'

Matrix Arrow

The ShowLights™ Matrix Arrows are a large direction arrow containing configurable text messages. The matrix arrow is a particularly useful exhibit for guiding audiences in a walkthough-style show.

Standard messages include "GO", "WAIT", "STOP", "EXIT", "GIFT SHOP". Longer messages can be accommodated with scrolling animation.

A single controller can control multiple matrix arrows.

Singing Exhibits

Our singing exhibits are composed of a number of singing characters. Each singer typically takes the part of either a lead or backing singer for popular songs. For choral and a capella songs, the singing parts usually consist of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices. For some songs, a singer even takes the role of beatbox percussion.

We have a wide range of songs available for these exhibits, see the product data for more information on the song options.

ShowLights Singing Trees at Langham Church

Singing Trees

The ShowLights™ Singing Trees Exhibit is an ensemble of Singers that sing a cappella, choral and popular songs. Each tree is topped with a star and surrounded by a colourful string of lights.

The trees can be staged with optional accessories consisting of a combinations of wire frame spiral trees, spotlights and festoon pixel strings.

ShowLights Singing Snowman with Accompanying Trees

Singing Snowman

The ShowLights™ Singing Snowman is accompanied by four singing trees.

The Snowman typically takes the lead vocal part, with the trees accompanying it as backing singers.

The exhibit can be staged with optional accessories consisting of a combinations of wire frame spiral trees, spotlights and festoon pixel strings.

ShowLights Singing Reindeer Exhibit

Singing Reindeer

The ShowLights™ Singing Reindeer Exhibit is a group of five reindeer heads in a barn that sing a cappella, choral and popular songs.

Each reindeer head can optionally mount on a mechanical assembly that tilts the heads side-to-side in time with the song they are singing.

The reindeer can have optional background exhibits including spotlights and festoon pixel strings.

The North Pole

We have a range of exhibits themed around the North Pole and delivering toys.

ShowLights North Pole scene exhibit

North Pole Fishing

The ShowLights™ North Pole Fishing Exhibit is an Eskimo fishing, surrounded by his igloo, a hungry polar bear and onlooking arctic fox.

The fishing rod performs a light animation.

The scene can have optional background exhibits consisting of spotlights and festoon pixel strings to create a blue arctic backdrop.

ShowLights Toy Train Exhibit

The Toy Train

The ShowLights™ Toy Train Exhibit is a classic steam engine and six carriages laden with toys and presents.

The train billows animated smoke and the wheels turn with animated lights.

The exhibit is supplied with the steam locomotive, and one or more carriages from the available selection. The train can have optional background staging including spiral trees, snow-laden trees, decorated trees, spotlights and festoon pixel strings.

Christmas Exhibits

We have a range of traditional Christmas exhibits.

ShowLights Nativity Scene Exhibit at private client's show for Christmas 2019

Nativity Scene

Our Nativity Scene is a large traditional nativity scene. It consists of: Mary Joseph & Jesus; Stable; Sitting Sheep; Standing Sheep; Donkey; Shepherd; Angel; Star; King (Gold); King (Frankincense); King (Myrrh).

The core scene is around 10 metres wide, and contains 2,269 individual smart pixels.

The scene can optionally include a large camel and palm tree to frame the scene, expanding the scene to around 14 metres wide. It can be configured to include festoon lighting and coloured spotlights to illuminate the surroundings.

ShowLights Gingerbread Characters

Gingerbread Boy & Girl

The Gingerbread Boy and Girl are part of our Gingerbread House Collection.

The collection is composed of various pieces (window shutters, snowy eaves, confectionery etc.) to allow outside structures such as garden sheds to be readily converted into an illuminated gingerbread house.

Party Themed Exhibits

We have a range of exhibits designed for installation in marquees for parties and other events.

ShowLights Pararazzi Exhibit


The ShowLights™ Paparazzi Exhibit is a unique lighting display to bring fun to any party or event. The exhibit is perfect to welcome guests as they arrive at an event. The exhibit is composed of a group of paparazzi photographers that react to people in their proximity.

Camera flashes, camera sound effects and the photographers calling out bring the experience to life, simulating the look and feel of being on the red carpet.

The exhibit is available with optional accessories including roped stanchions, red carpet, backdrop curtain, and spotlights.

Custom Exhibits

If you need a custom exhibit, or would like to customise an existing exhibit for your event, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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