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Light Show Exhibit Hire and Custom Design Services

Exhibit Hire

We work with event and entertainment professionals to create state of the art light shows. We have a wide range of standalone lighting exhibits for hire with associated control systems.

We can configure these exhibits with a range of options and accessories to stage them for your event venue.

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Exhibit Customisation

We design and manufacture all of our ShowLights exhibits.

If you need to modify an exhibit for your event requirements, our designers can help you create the desired experience for your audience.

An exhibit may have a number of components, from individually designed wireframe or plastic templates, to custom lighting sequences, or event custom song recordings and synchronised animation. We design each aspect of an exhibit in-house, or with the help of one of our design partners, to ensure a cohesive design vision at a competitive price.

Unique Exhibit Creation

No matter what sort of lighting exhibit you are considering, call us to discuss the requirements.

Our engineers have been producing unique lighting and interactive media systems since 2007 and have extensive experience in the wide range of hardware and software technologies that can be employed.

Fixed Installation

While many of our exhibits are focused on temporary installations to support events, we also offer full design and build services for fixed installation of lighting and multimedia systems.

Singing Tree template production steps

Exhibit Production

Exhibit components are designed in our 3D CAD systems. This CAD data is used both for exhibit fabrication and in our various lighting effect and show design tools.

Exhibits and Lighting effects are integrated and visualised using our in-house designed 3D show simulator.

The use of our simulator allows a show and exhibits to be visualised and optimised with our clients before comitting to fabrication and deployment.

When the design is ready, our tools generate all the data for manufacturing and exhibit control system configuration.

Custom Snow Tunnel Exhibit at private client's event, 2019

Exhibit Design

Many exhibits use a wireframe or plastic template, on which we mount smart pixel lights. We then display custom lighting effects on the smart pixels, from simple static lighting themes, to complex animations.

Certain exhibits also play music, and synchronise their lighting animations to the audio. An example is our singing characters, who appear to sing along to multi-part vocal tracks. In the case of licensed music, an existing PRS license can be used, alternatively we can help organise appropriate licenses for your event.

We design and manufacture our own exhibits and templates, making it possible to rapidly create one-off designs, ideal for personailsed, branded or themed events.

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Mixing console

Custom Audio

The soundstage for an exhibit can set the scene for an immersive experience, and provide the basis for custom lighting animations.

We work with a number of music professionals to produce audio tracks to your particular requirements.

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Lighting & Animation

Exhibits can require a wide range of complexity of lighting effects. Some exhibits may require a simple static lighting colour theme or gentle cycling animation, others may require complex choreography or algorithmically-generated animations.

We use a wide range of specialist tools and our own in-house designed software systems to create compelling lighting effects to augment any style of exhibit.

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Custom Snow Tunnel at private client's show

Setting & Additions

Where an exhibit requires additional off-the-shelf components, we will source and supply these.

These may be spotlights, professional audio equipment, snow machines, or anything else to stage the exhibit.

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Control patch panel

Control Systems

We design and fabricate the various control hardware systems and control software applications.

Whether it's an individual exhibit for a small event or a large scale themed event with numerous coordinated exhibit installations, we have the control systems to suit.

Our software applications include embedded, desktop, mobile and cloud-based apps to meet any exhibit and show user interface needs.

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DIN rail panel

Installation Support

ShowLights collaborate with installation professionals to assist in setup and configuration of our exhibits at your venue.

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